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St. Mathias    St. Michael

  Windsor                                   Pingree

St.  Margaret’s

                                                                Buchanan                  5th Sunday of Easter           

VOLUME 54 #20                     THE VOICE                         May 14, 2006


The church invites you to make your prayer scriptural.

A good way to begin would be to use each week’s Sunday Psalm

Response at regular daily intervals.  This week it is:

“I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.”


Mother’s Day is less a blessed day for mothers and far more a blessed day for children to remember them, think about them, thank them and thank God for them.  Happy Mother’s Day!


KC Breakfast will be held this Sunday, May 14, 2006 serving after the 8:30am & 10:30am Eucharists at the KC Hall. High School Graduates and Mothers will be guests of the KC’s.


Congratulations to the Basilica of St. James and outlying Parishes

2006 High School Graduates!

Jamestown High School

Corey Anderson                      Arielle Johnson            Nicholas Ukestad

Kari Archambeau                    Katie Kachel                Adam Van Erem

Taylor Arthaud             Austin Kastet               Ashley Van Erem

Lori Benke                               Chad Kleinknecht        Aaron Vogel

Katlin Braunberger                  Jeffrey Koble

Gregory Brown                        Savannah Krapp         Montpelier School

Brock Burkett                          Kellie Lindberg            Robert Lies

Erica Clayton                          James McMillan

Patrick Coghlan                      Amanda Mennis          Pingree School

Daniella Collier                        Chastity Mikkelson      Travis Goodroad

Zachary Corcoran                   Amy Miller                    Jacie Neys

Andrew Davidson                    Jarred Nygaard           Jarvis Kramer

Paige Falter                             Kayla Quigley              Jerome Dunwoody

Joseph Geinert                        Starla Radtke

Randy Gordon                         Tiffany Schlenvogt      Home School

Corey Grothman                     Elizabeth Schloegel    Christopher Falk

Rachel Hagar                          Michael Schmidt

Amanda Hallwachs                 Alicia Schmitz             Wimbledon Courtenay

Brittany Harty                          Shane Schoeneberg   Travis Greshik

Robert Harty                            Tyler Schrenk

Anna Helmstetler                    Nicholas Sharp

Nicole Hillerud                         Mark Sjostrom

Lea Isakson                             Martha Skiftun

Bryan Jager                             Jessica Skroch

Cassandra Jensen                 Megan Szarkowski

The priests will administer the Anointing of the Sick at all Eucharists the weekend of May 20-21, 2006 at the Basilica and outlying parishes. The week of May 22-26 Anointing of the Sick will be celebrated at all nursing home Eucharists

Weekday/Weekend Eucharists & Prayer Services at the Basilica                                                                                                                  

MON:   7:00am (L) Mary Bergman by Louis Bergman Family

           12:10pm † Frank Goldade by Eva Goldade

TUE:    7:00am Eucharist at Basilica

           12:00pm Eucharist at North Dakota State Hospital

           12:10pm Members of Our Lady of Lourdes Circle by members

WED:   7:00am  Eucharist at Basilica

           10:00am (L) Mary T. DesJardins by Glory Ebertz

                         @ Central Dakota Village

          12:10pm (L) Mary Lou Urqhaut by Sonshine Club

            7:00pm Eucharist at North Dakota State Hospital

THU:   7:00am † Christine McGinnis by George & Ione Gray

          12:10pm (L) Sarah Skjeret by Mark & Tracy Seitz

          12:40pm Adoration

            3:30pm † James Plinski by Family @ Rock of Ages

            5:00pm Benediction

            7:00pm Eucharist @ James River Correctional Center

FRI:     7:00am † Coleen Holzwarth by Dave & Barb Hogan

          10:00am † William S. Wright by Lorraine Wright

                          @ Hi-Acres Manor

          12:10pm † Sandy Balster by Ronald & Darlene Greenlund

SAT:    8:00am † Adeline & Wells Dunlap by Family

            4:30pm † Jerry Exner by Mary Exner

SUN:   8:30am  John L. Kropp by Larry & Darlene Kropp

          10:30am  James Kokott by Berger Family

            6:00pm † Christine McGinnis by Monica Lubbers

          Reconciliation ˝ hour before daily Eucharists

and 3:30pmSaturday.


Scripture Readings: look on the websites:

        (Good for proclaimers’ preparation)

Eucharists at Outlying Parishes:

Next Sunday at St. Mathias, Windsor

  8:30am Deceased Members of the Rudnick Family by Family


Next Sunday at St. Margaret, Buchanan

10:30am For those to be ordained to the Permanent Diaconate by

              Geary & Linda McCleery


The 125th Anniversary of the Basilica will be celebrated the weekend of July 29-30, 2006.

Eucharists for that weekend:

Saturday, 4:30pm;

Sunday, 8:30am,

there will be no 10:30am or 6:00pm Eucharist.

   The Eucharist for 125th Anniversary will be celebrated at 4:00pm at the Civic Center, a program and meal to follow.

  The Planning Committee includes:  Linda Levin (chair), Ann Haut, Elsie Weber, Joe Geinert


Our sympathy and remember in prayer the family of recently deceased James Plinski, brother of Florence (Dwight) Maurer.


Celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage always involves the entire church. The following couple is making this explicit by inviting all to participate in their celebration: Lesley Splonskowski & Nathan Cuvala, Saturday, May 20, 2006, 2:30pm at the Basilica.

We welcome into our faith community newly baptized:

Zachary John Sykora, son of Joseph & Jennifer, whose grandparents are James & Fayette Harrison, Center ND; Beverly Sykora, Browns Valley, MN

Austyn Thomas Stoppleworth, son of Hank & Krystal, whose grandparents are Tom & Toni Marcotte, Sykeston, ND; Viona Stoppleworth, Jamestown, ND

Hunter Lee Butterfield, son of Bryan & Barbara, whose grandparents are Liza Radtke & Bryan Radtke Sr., Jamestown, ND; Joni & Phil Butterfield, Grand Forks, ND.

Dominic Bradin Radtke, son of Bryan & Barbara, whose grandparents are Bryan Radtke Sr. & Liza Radtke, Jamestown, ND; Joni & Phil Butterfield, Grand Forks, ND

Josie Marie Lange, daughter of Rick & Teva, whose grandparents are Diane & Larry Lee and Eva & James Tesky, Jamestown, ND

Dasha Marie & Julia Ann Yatskis, daughters of John & Yvette, whose grandparents are Michael & Marlys Gallagher, Jamestown, ND and the late Leonard & Doris Yatskis.


Basilican youth celebrating Baptismal Anniversaries this week:

Taten Bassett                         Nicholas McCoy          Jennifer Neva

Liberty Colling                         Phillip Mangin              Sean Redmann

Nathan Fix                               Abigal Miller                 Megan Stark

MacKenzi Gerszewski            Brent Mittleider            Sydney Zalumskis

Brett Goehner                         Dustin Mittleider         


Come & celebrate a century of faith with St. Mathias Catholic Church on Sunday, June 25, 2006. Eucharist will begin at 3pm with a meal to follow in the parish hall at Windsor, ND. 

   There will be a centennial planning meeting on Tuesday, May 16th at 7:30pm in the St. Mathias Parish Hall. Please bring any articles or pictures for the booklet, we are ready to assemble.


Calvary Cemetery Sunday May 21, 2006: Our parish has many blessings, and the most obvious is our beautiful church. Our second blessing is our cemetery. The Catholic Cemetery stands as an enduring and powerful sign of faith.

   As time progresses, the community through sacrifice and hard work builds a special, a sacred place for our deceased love ones. That we might continue to maintain the beauty for our deceased relatives and friends we would appreciate your support with the cost of maintenance and improvements.

   We are thankful for your support in the past years.

                                                                           Calvary Cemetery Ass’n


Time to schedule musicians for summer Eucharists. Our meeting will be Monday, May 16, 2006 @ 7:00pm in the Parish Center. Again, it is always easier if as many of you as possible can attend this meeting. If you can not make it, please e-mail, call, snail-mail your schedule to me and we will do our best at the meeting


Sacred Heart Cemetery of Fried has scheduled a clean-up day on Saturday, May 20 beginning at 9am.  We would appreciate any assistance you can give.  Also, we are looking for suggestions for a name for the new map directory building.  Any ideas for a name can be given to me, Linda Szarkowski, at 252-2063.




$10,000 Raffle ticket report:

1)     We have sold all 300 tickets 

2)     Drawing is this Sunday, May 14 at 11:45am in the Parish Center (Lower part of Church)

Grand Prize: $10,000

towards purchase of merchandise from a whole variety of merchants.

12 other Cash Prizes: 1 - $1,000;

                                                                        1 -     $500;

                                                                      10 -     $100.

Proceeds from this Raffle go to

Prizes                                                   $12,500.00

Raffle Expenses (Printing, License, etc)        $330.73

Calvary Cemetery                                    $2,700.00

Tabernacle                                               $3,594.00

St. John’s Academy                               $10,762.00

Basilica 125th Anniversary                           $113.27

Total                                                    $30,000.00



Tabernacle News:

Thank You…Sincere thanks to all of you involved with the Tabernacle Spring Rummage Sale. We especially thank those who donated clothing and other items and those of you who came and shopped. We most appreciated the parishioners, Tabernacle ladies, cashiers, markers and those who assisted with the pack-up and clean-up after the sale. Thank you, too for the use of pickups for hauling away the leftovers. It was most gratifying to see so many people helping. I think Fr. Bitz would call this community. Please know that all of you helped make this a very successful event. We also thank Bjor Ringdahl of the Jamestown Ambulance Service for allowing us to store leftovers at the old Stoudt Garage Building. Our gross receipts totaled $1405.00.Thank you all again. We hope to see you at our Fall 2006 Rummage Sale on August 24, 25 & 26. Glory Ebertz, Monica lubbers, & Elsie Weber, Co-chairwomen, Tabernacle.


In your prayers please remember our sick: (new names are in parentheses and italics)

Duane Barth                Donna Heer                 Helen Peterson

Joan Bebo                   Dan Jasmann             Ron Radermacher

Mary Bergman            (Muriel Johnson)         Brenda Rask

Jim Birrenkott              Gladys Kiley                Peter Ripplinger

Marlys Boughton         Gene Klose                 Julie Roeder

Joan Carlson               John Lee                     Sara Samek

(John Curell Jr.)          Yen Lobsinger             (Sarah Skjeret)

Julie Daniel                  Jeana Mack                 Susan Sorenson

Mary Pat Everson       Tom Manns                 Arlyss Tokach

Herb Fettig                  Cathryn Mickelson      Karen Trautman

Dana Gainsforth          Robert McGinnis         Leo Wanzek

Tom Haroldson            Tom Parsons             Marilyn Zimmerman


Tabernacle has formed the Sacred Heart of Mary Prayer Line.

If you have any prayer requests, call Darlene Kropp at 952-2150.


Ministerium Radio Devotions:  Listen for Fr. Joe Barrett on Radio Devotions, Friday, May 19, 2006, at 9:30 am, on KQDJ (1400).


St. John’s Academy News:

KIDS' KINGDOM PRESCHOOL at St. John's Academy has added an additional session for the 2006-2007 school year; 
so we do have openings!! 
We have open spots in the Monday-Wednesday-Friday/PM session for  
  Pre-Kindergarten children 
and in the Tuesday-Thursday /PM session for three-year-olds turning 
Please contact Colleen at the school office (252-3397) for more information or to register.


This week our expressed thanks are for Graces & blessings, family & friends, grandchild, my job & benefits, priests, my eye sight, all good things, health & freedom, all God’s gifts & grandchildren, graduating daughter, loving caring family, husband & children, spring weather, freedom, soldiers, our faith & reconciliation, my 6 children & 10 grandchildren.


Pictorial Directories

627 (11 picked one up this week) households have already

picked up their pictorial directories. 

If you have not yet picked up yours, please come into the

parish office.

Each household gets a copy—even if you didn’t have your

picture taken.

It is a very important way to create community and unity.


Cursillo School of Leaders

   In the Catholic Church we have a great movement for men and women called Cursillo. The Cursillo is a renewal movement that helps people live what is fundamental to being a Christian, and to live it together. A School of Leaders is designed to give individuals an in-depth view of the Purpose, Strategy, and Method of the Cursillo Movement.

   Attending a School of Leaders can help each of us in developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a team leader or team member on a Cursillo weekend.

   We invite anyone who has made a Cursillo to a School of Leaders informational meeting to be held at the Parish Hall in Edgeley, ND on Saturday, June 3rd from 2:00 to 4:00PM.

   Throughtout history, great things have happened because individuals decided to do more than was “expected”. The future of this movement is in our hands, plan to attend and be part of “more than was expected”.

   If you have any questions regarding the meeting please feel free to contact Lynda Dunn at 701-493-2815 (home) 701-403-2769 (work).


In your prayers please remember our friends and relatives who are deployed in Iraq and overseas: (new names are in parentheses and Italics)

Dave Attelson                          Travis Guthmiller        Melissa Ova

Justin Cross                            Gabe Hoggarth            Michael Pommerer                                         Christopher Deery                         Josh Kramer              Joseph Smith

Jeff Douty                                John Olson                 Terry Stickel

Justin Dunn                                                     

If you would like your loved one listed, e-mail Sharon at or call the parish office.

(If you know of changes in the above, please let us know)


Faith Sharing Question of the Week:

5th Sunday of Easter – Week of May 14, 2006

                                  Acts 9: 26-31

                                              1 John 3: 18-24

                                              John 15: 1-8

“I am the vine. You are the branches.”


Question of Adults:

What does the image of the Vine and Branches say to you about your spiritual life?

Question for Children:

When we live in Jesus, we do good things. Name a good deed you will do for someone this week.

It's not too late to register.  We still have openings for Summer Vacation Bible School. 

Treasure Cove is the theme.

Summer Vacation Bible School will be held June 4 - 8 at the Zebedee Center.  The first night (Sunday) will be a Pentecost celebration and "kick off" for the week.   Regular sessions will be held from 5:30 - 8:15 Monday-Thursday.

We are in need of Site Leaders and Treasure Seekers who will lead the students in activities during the week.  If you are interested in participating, please call the Faith Formation Office at 252-0478 or e-mail us at <>


Having a Baby?  Already have one?  The next Baptism Preparation Class is scheduled for Monday, May 22 at 7:00 pm.  It will be held in Shirley's office (directly above the conference room) at the Zebedee Center.  This class is for parents who plan to have a child baptized at the Basilica.  Prospective parents may come before the child is born. Godparents are welcome to attend.  For more information or to register, please call the Faith at 252-0478 or e-mail us at <>


Early Bird Registration for Faith Formation and Youth Ministry (grades K-6 and Youth Ministry grades 7-12.)  

You can sign up on Wednesday nights or anytime during our office hours.  (Mon - Thurs 9:00am - 4:00 pm, Fri 9:00 am - noon)

Trinity Youth Camp

Campers (children entering grades 4-8 in the fall), counselors (those who have graduated from high school), and counselors in training (entering 11th or 12th grade in the fall) are needed for three sessions of Trinity Youth Camp - June 21-25 at Red Willow Bible Camp near Binford; and July 12-16 and 26-30 at Pelican Lake near Bottineau. Contact Michele Lind for camp applications and counselor information. Email: <> phone 701-776-9078; or write to 1502 6th Ave SE, Rugby ND 58368.

   Deadline for counselors and CITs is mid-May. Deadline for campers is two weeks before the session. Camps fill up quickly - get your applications in soon!


Benefit for Pastor Herb Flitton from Prairie Community Church on May 21, 9am-2pm at the KC Hall.  Pastor Flitton’s son Peter is near death with cancer in Virginia and they have made numerous trips to take care of him.





THIS SUNDAY: 5th Sunday of Easter  

* Happy Mother’s Day!

*10:30am Eucharist, High School Graduates recognition & participate

*10:30am Eucharist, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Parish Center

* KC Breakfast serving after 8:30 & 10:30 Eucharists, KC’s

  (Graduates and Mothers invited guests)

* 7:00pm Cosmotion Band Practice, Youth Room

* 7:00pm Theology of the Body (Grade 12), St. Thomas Room


* 8:45am MACH I Bible Study, Zebedee Center

* 6:30pm Faith Formation Board, Conference Room, Zebedee Center

* 7:00pm MACH I “Women of the Bible” Evening Study Group, Leann

   Ripplinger’s home


* 6:30-7:30pm 4-H Group, Parish Center

* 7:00pm Musician Summer Scheduling Meeting, St. Thomas Room

* 7:00pm RCIA Session – Shirley’s Office, Zebedee Center

* 7:00-8:30pm Cosmotion Band Practice, Youth Ministry Room


* Family @ Home

* 7:00pm Administrative Finance Meeting, Parish Center

* 6:30-9:15pm The Edge Youth Ministry Program, Zebedee Center


* 1:30pm Parish Staff Meeting, Conference Room, Zebedee Center

* 4:00pm Prison Ministry Meeting, St. Thomas Room


* 2:00pm May Crowning, Zebedee Center

* 5:30pm Wedding Rehearsal: Lesley Splonskowski & Nathan Cuvala,


* 9:30am Fr. Joe Barrett on Radio Devotions, KQDJ (1400)


* 9:00am clean-up day at Sacred Heart Cemetery, Fried

* 2:30pm Wedding: Lesley Splonskowski & Nathan Cuvala, Basilica

* 4:30pm Eucharist with Anointing of the Sick, Basilica








Gackle Care Center


Our business of the week. Please

support them and all who advertise

in our bulletin.


Parish Calendar of Events is on the Web!!

Go to parish web site at:

When viewing the parish calendar on

our website you will notice some events

are underlined, when you click on the

underlined event it will open a box that

will give a full description of the event.

Pastoral Council & Tabernacle Minutes

are also posted here.












Saint Isidore the Farmer – Feast Day – May 15

Isidore was born in Spain more than 900 years ago. As soon as he was old enough, he began to work the soil. Farming for a rich landowner was his labor for the rest of his life. He rose early to go to church each morning. While Isidore walked the fields, plowing, planting and harvesting, he also prayed. As a hardworking man, Isidore had three great loves: God, his family and the soil. He and his wife proved to all their neighbors that poverty, hard work, and sorrow cannot destroy human happiness if we accept them with faith and in union with Christ. The two of them often brought food to poor hungry persons and prayed with them.

Isidore understood clearly that, without soil, the human race could not exist. This insight may explain why he always had such a reverent attitude toward his work as a farmer. During his lifetime, Isidore had the gift of miracles, and more than once he fed hungry people with food that seemed to multiply miraculously. He died on May 15, 1130 after a peaceful life of hard manual labor. He is honored in Spain and especially in rural United states. In New Mexico, his statue is brought into the fields on his feast day and when there is a shortage of rain. His wife, Maria, is also a declared saint. Maybe we should ask them as a couple to pray with and for us.


The 6th annual “In His Grip” golf scramble will be held at the Jamestown Country Club on May 20th. This is sponsored by the James Valley Youth for Christ. For more information call Jim Exner 252-0680.


It’s easy to remember:

We are up and running!

A well developed but still developing website.

Do You Want to Know About Calvary Cemetery?

Go To the Basilica Website.

Calvary Cemetery Association

622 1st Avenue S
, ND 58401

Inquiries and lot purchases

Sadie Hagan, Secretary of Calvary Cemetery
1102 11th St. S.E.
Jamestown, ND 58401

Phone 701-252-5713.









Prepare for 5 K

Walk / Run for Christ June 17, 2006


Class is open to any beginner who is planning to participate in the 5 K walk or jog.

Class will meet Wednesday nights 5:30 – 6:30 pm

at Jamestown Hospital Room 446


Begins Wed, May 17, 2006

Classes taught by an Exercise Physiologist, Physical Therapist, and Nutritionist

5/17 – Eating for Training/ training tips

5/24 – Shoe type / Foot analysis

5/31 – Techniques to improve your time

6/7     Pre-race diet planning/final prep

6/14 – Meet at a park to walk or jog a 5K

Cost: Only $25 per person

Call Jamestown Hospital Fitness Center

at 253-4891 to register

Must have at least 12 registrants to hold class